The aim of this regulation is to provide the safety of all the employees of BHDR Yapı Sanayi A.Ş. in all activities, respect the nature and environment in all activities of the Head Office and Construction Sites, establish the required facilities for providing the proper environment health conditions in all working areas, provide the continuity of the safety and determining the methods and processes to be applied and followed in accordance with the total quality goals.

The Company considers its employees and all subcontractors as the assets of the company, and during all the activities, it prevents all the dangerous situations before they occur, if any dangerous event occurs, it removes them or decreases their effects. Moreover, the Company, in order to protect the environment and nature from the negative effects of its facilities, puts great efforts to decrease the effects, keep these effects in minimum levels or removes them completely. The Company follows the policies listed below in order to provide safe and healthy working areas and leave clean environments to the future generations as an assurance of total quality goals policy.

  • Taking the required precautions in advance in order to prevent the safety risks before they occur, removing them quickly whenever they occur and decreasing the effects of the waste materials on air, soil and water by using the natural resources efficiently,
  • Following all environmental, health, working regulations, by laws and laws, establishing the required structures to follow these rules and provide the necessary work force and training requirements,
  • Applying the international quality, safety, environment and accreditation standards in all units of the company,
  • Providing constant improvement on the health, safety and environment protection.
  • Taking all required precautions in order to decrease the health and safety risks and the environment effects, being alert in radioactive and chemical substances, providing safe and secure working environments and protecting the health of the employees,
  • Applying the performance improvement technologies for the investment projects to reach continuous and sustainable development,
  • Training the employees and the subcontractors on health, safety and environment procedures and encouraging them to attend seminar and congresses on this issue.
  • Revising the health, safety and environment procedures regularly in accordance with the changing conditions, informing these changes to all parties involved and sharing the information and the experience with public and private entities and non-governmental organizations.
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