The first activities of BHDR were Engineering-Contracting services provided by Mr. Habib Bahadir around the city of Sinop in 1935, and later, in 1954, the company was established under the name of Heris Unlimited in order to carry out construction services in Istanbul.

The sons of Habib Bahadır, Yılmaz Bahadır and İbrahim Bahadır, later on established TİM Trade Construction and Engineering Company and continued the contracting activities between 1963 and 1978. These activities were followed by the activities of Bahadır Unlimited Company between 1978 and 1980 and by the activities of Klima Construction and Installion Co. between 1980 and 1996. Since 1996 BHDR Construction Industries Inc. has been active in contracting work.

BHDR, with its global and local solution partners and professional teams, has focused on high standard turnkey residential, industrial, commercial and retail buildings, hospital and hotel projects and contracting activities. For the last three generations, it has integrated its commitment with its trustworthy values, and in all projects it projects, BHDR, a leader and model company in the industry showed high performance in strength, quality, aesthetics, and speed in the lights of its mission.
BHDR, with its solution focused philosophy and innovative perspective, provides customized construction services to its clients by using the latest technology. Aesthetics, strength, speed, quality and reliability are the core values of the company and, the company's young, dynamic and experienced team is dedicated to exceed what the customers expect.
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