The principals to be applied in providing the teams who will carry out the works in accordance with the rules goals and targets of the headquarter and the construction sites, in recruiting the personnel, assigning them to the offices and determining the training and working conditions define the human resources policies.

In order to reach the goals og the company recruiting the qualified personnel who is potentially can be improved is the principal. The company provides the optimum working conditions and all the equal and fair opportunities for the personal improvement of the employees.

The company has full respect to all rights of its employees. The company promotes its employees for personal improvement and success. The successful ones are awarded in accordance with the company regulations. The company provides all the required correct information on time to its empleyees whenever is related to them.

The company provides and develops all communication methods to its employees in order to let them express their ideas and respond them accordingly.

The company provides a comfortable and secure working environment according to the nature of the work.
Human Resources
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